Highlights/Upcoming events

Ever wonder how a listeners's background influences their emotional experience of music? See our new article published in Sensors journal!

It seems common sense that a listener's background would influence their musical preferences and emotional responses to music, yet relatively little research has been done in this area. Our research provides a new dataset, and elucidates how age, enculturation, musical training, and other profile information, influences emotion ratings of music. Our new paper, entitled 'A Music Dataset with Emotion Ratings and Raters’ Profile Information' is available in the journal Sensors.

New Centre for Music and Health established at YST!

I’m thrilled to share that we are officially launching a new Centre for Music and Health at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, NUS! Establishing such a centre has been a dream of mine for nearly 2 decades, and I'm feeling very grateful and excited. I'm greatly looking forward to working with amazing people here at YST, NUS, and the larger community on new music initiatives to improve lives. Can't wait to see what exciting new programs and collaborations will blossom out of the CMH!

3rd Conference on AI Music Creativity (Sep 13-15th)

I'm happy to be an invited speaker for the 3rd Conference on AI Music Creativity, on the Neuroscience & Health (with respect to AI Music Creativity) panel. If you're interested in attending the online event, registration is FREE! Check out the program and conference information here: https://2022.aimusiccreativity.org/
UPDATE: A recording of the panel session on Neuroscience & Health is available here.

NUS Annual Teaching Excellence Award

I am honored and grateful to have received the 2022 NUS Annual Teaching Excellence Award. "The award is given by the University to recognize positive contributions to the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of high-quality teaching and assessment in a sustained and impactful way." Thank you, NUS, this means a lot!

Special Event: Finding Emotional Resilience Through Music

I feel quite thankful for being one of two speakers invited to present at a special event at NUSS Guild Hall on 'A conversation on Emotional Resilience – Finding Emotional Well Being Through Music'. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to share some of my group's recent work on Music for Health and Wellness, and to be part of several wonderful conversations that happened during and after the event. It was also lovely to present in-person AND mask-free for the first time in over two years!

Music, Technology, and Health: Forging a New Musical Frontier in Healthcare

I am honored to be an invited speaker for the lecture series hosted by the National Intrepid Center of Excellence in Washington, DC, next month. I will be talking about 'Music, Technology, and Health', and how we can leverage this exciting intersection of disciplines to forge a new (musical) frontier in healthcare. Attendance is free and open to the public!

ICMPC just around the corner!

My colleagues and I are presenting two talks (papers) at the 16th International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition (ICMPC) this year, which is taking place online 28-31 July. Because the talks are being presented virtually, I am able to share the YouTube links for the talks here. My talk, entitled 'The Impact of COVID-19 on Music Therapy and Technology Use Around the World,' is available here.

Music, Computing, and Health: A roadmap for the current and future roles of music technology for health care and well-being

It brings me so much joy to announce that our article on "Music, Computing, and Health: A Roadmap for the Current and Future Roles of Music Technology for Health Care and Well-Being" has been published, and is now available online (open-access) from Music & Science. https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/2059204321997709

New paper published in Frontiers in Psychology on 'Music Therapy During COVID-19'!

My colleagues Katrien Foubert, Siddarth Sridhar, and I have published a paper entitled "Music Therapy During COVID-19: Changes to the Practice, Use of Technology, and What to Carry Forward in the Future." It's freely available (open access) through Frontiers in Psychology, and may be found here.

SEADOM talk on Music and Health - presentation recording now available!

I am honored to be one of two speakers talking at the SEADOM (Southeast Asia Directors of Music) 2021 conference, titled "Music and well-being: Perspectives from Musician Practitioners, Music Therapy, and Music Medicine." My talk will focus on two recent projects; the first focuses on a survey study of the recent experiences of music therapists around the world, and their use of technology, during COVID-19. The second project revolves around a music-based Brain Computer Interface (BCI) system being developed for emotion regulation in listeners.

Large-scale, 4-year Brain Computer Interface project funded!

It is with great joy that I can finally announce (after an extended grant review process) that our project to create a Brain Computer Interface system for the holistic treatment of neurological disorders has been funded! The project is entitled 'Next-Generation Brain-Computer-Brain Platform – A Holistic Solution for the Restoration & Enhancement of Brain Functions (NOURISH)', and will incorporate emotive music and Virtual Reality (and more!) into a powerful, unified BCI system.

New module approved for next term!

I'll be teaching a new module at NUS next term on 'The Psychology of Music Performance'! Really looking forward into diving into this material with some great students at the YST Conservatory of Music. Here's the module description: The module is tailored for musicians, presenting findings from the Psychology of Music and Performance Science that can be used to enhance one’s practice and performance of music. Topics include efficient practicing, learning and memory, mental rehearsal strategies, performance anxiety, and more.

New paper out on 'nnAudio' - congrats to my PhD student Raven Cheuk!

So proud of Raven for driving forward this excellent work. Our paper is entitled "nnAudio: An on-the-Fly GPU Audio to Spectrogram Conversion Toolbox Using 1D Convolutional Neural Network" (authors: Kin Wai Raven Cheuk, Hans Anderson, Kat Agres, and Dorien Herremans). It's open access (free to read!) and published at IEEE Access, available here: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9174990?source=authoralert

New teaching grant for project on Psychology and Music Performance

I'm extremely grateful to have been awarded a Teaching Enhancement Grant (TEG) from the Centre for Development of Teaching & Learning (CDTL). My project is entitled "Engaging deeply with Cognitive Science in a Conservatory of Music: Using student-centred, project-based learning to improve learning outcomes and performance practice in music students."