IEEE ICOT conference presentation next month!

I'm excited to be speaking at IEEE ICOT's special session on 'Music and Music Technology for Health and Learning' next month! I will be presenting a paper describing my lab's new music and motion detection game for rehabilitation and strengthening in the elderly. More info here.

Title: Music and Motion-Detection: A Game Prototype for Rehabilitation and Strengthening in the Elderly
Authors: Kat Agres, Dorien Herremans
Abstract: Traditional physical therapy methods require significant time from trained medical staff, which is costly for clinics and hospitals, and often leave patients bored and unmotivated to complete their exercises. We offer a prototype for a motion- detection and music game to inspire greater engagement and adherence from patients undergoing physical therapy exercises for rehabilitation or strengthening. The game is customizable based on the patient’s needs, dynamically reacts to the patient’s performance in real-time, and may be used with or without the guidance of a medical professional.