Talk on Monday for the NTU Centre for Brain Computing Research Seminar Series

I have been invited to speak about 'Music technology for healthcare and cognitive insights' for the Centre for Brain Computing Research Seminar Series next week!
Here's the abstract of my talk:
Music technologies for healthcare are gaining more widespread use around the globe, and for good reason: Music-based approaches can be advantageous compared to traditional clinical interventions, as they are engaging, non-invasive, and facilitate recovery from a wide range of diseases and disorders. In this talk, I will focus on two strands of my recent research at the intersection of music and health: 1) developing music-based technology for health and wellbeing, and 2) investigating how auditory statistical learning (SL; the ability to extract statistical patterns from the environment) gives insight into cognition and mental health. In terms of the former (music MedTech), I will share recent work on affective music generation and Serious Games, as well as our music-based BCI system for emotion mediation in listeners. Regarding the latter, I will discuss how performance on SL tasks can provide insight into cognition and age-related differences in information processing.