Upcoming talk at SG's amazing ArtScience Museum, entitled "Embracing Music for a Healthier Future"

I'm honored to have been invited to present about Music and Health at the ArtScience Museum. (This is one of my favorite museums EVER, so I'm really chuffed!) After my talk, one of my wonderful PhD students, Phoebe Chua, will help demo our new music EEG system: Participants will wear an EEG cap, and their neural activity will drive our affective automatic music generation system! Should be fun. :)
The talk is happening next Friday at 4pm. Please come along if you're interested - it's free! More info and registration may be found HERE.

The official overview of the talk is below:
In her talk, Dr. Kat Agres will speak about the affordances of music for healthcare and wellbeing, and share exciting new programmes and research projects at this intersection. She will also reflect on the personal and professional activities that led her to embrace the field of music and health, and to found Southeast Asia's first Centre for Music and Health at YST Conservatory of Music, NUS. Following the talk, a recent demo of her lab's music-based brain-computer-interface (BCI) will be shared with attendees. Volunteers will be invited to wear an electroencephalogram (EEG) device to control an affective music generation system. This system, known as AffectMachine, leverages music and neurofeedback to help listeners self-regulate their emotion states in real time.