Workshop on metaphor and computational creativity

I'm very much looking forward to the Workshop on metaphor generation, conceptual spaces, and more at the Jožef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia!

Models and methods for the discovery, representation, and blending of concepts are challenges central to the field of computational creativity. There is currently widespread interest across several European Computational Creativity project groups (e.g. ConCreTe, WHIM) in developing theoretical approaches to these challenges, and in their application to tasks such as metaphor, pun and slogan generation. Several groups are already undertaking research on these topics, including computational models of conceptual spaces, automatic slogan generation systems, behavioural studies of visual conceptual blends, and vector space models of metaphor generation, to name a few.

This workshop aims to bring together researchers from different labs active in computational creativity who share an interest in these topics, and provide the opportunity to collaborate and work together in person. We welcome participation both from researchers who would like to expand or develop existing systems/models, and from those hoping to become involved in computational approaches to conceptual blending, pun generation, and metaphor discovery. Brief, informal presentations and demos will open the workshop so that attendees may discuss their interests, current related research, and collaborative research goals for the workshop. Hands-on group collaboration and interactive writing sessions will form the bulk of the remainder of the workshop.

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