Highlights/Upcoming events

Our book chapter is out in Oxford University Press' new volume, 'Music and Consciousness 2'

A new book entitled 'Music and Consciousness 2' is out from Oxford University Press, and with it, our chapter on "The impact of musical structure on enjoyment and absorptive listenings states in trance music." This chapter examines how certain features of the musical structure of trance music may afford shifts of consciousness in listeners.
The book is available here.

New article published on modeling metaphor using distributional semantics

An article is out from some of us who worked together at Queen Mary University of London: Stephen McGregor, myself, Karolina Rataj (well, not based at QMUL), Matthew Purver, and Geraint Wiggins. Our work is entitled, Re-Representing Metaphor: Modeling Metaphor Perception Using Dynamically Contextual Distributional Semantics.

Lorentz workshop on 'Music, Computing, and Health' next week!

Next week is the culmination of almost a year of planning and organizing: our Lorentz workshop on 'Music, Computing, and Health' will take place in Leiden, the Netherlands, from 4-8 March! (Organizers: Kat Agres, Rebecca Schaefer, Anja Volk, and Susan van Hooren)
We will focus on ideation and future creation of music technologies for healthcare and well-being, drawing from music cognition, computing, music information retrieval (MIR), music therapy, and medical technology. I'm very excited to see what this diverse group discusses and produces. :)

Speaking at the International Science Youth Forum alongside Nobel laureates

I'm greatly looking forward to giving a talk and masterclass tomorrow at the International Science Youth Forum. I’ll be speaking about music cognition, statistical learning, and music technology for healthcare. I am humbled and honoured to be speaking alongside five Nobel laureates, a Millennium Technology Prize winner, and a Fields Medal winner, amongst others.

Talk next week at the Rehabilitation Research Institute of Singapore

On Friday, 11th Jan, I'll be giving a talk at the Rehabilitation Research Institute of Singapore (RRIS) on 'Music-based medtech for emotion mediation, cognitive screening, and motor rehabilitation'. I'm looking forward to what I'm sure will be a lively and engaging discussion with the RRIS and TTSH teams!

New publication on modelling music using word2vec in press (Neural Computing and Applications)

A collaboration with Prof Ching-Hua Chuan from the U of Miami and Prof. Dorien Herremans from SUTD has just been accepted for publication in Springer's Neural Computing and Applications (impact factor = 4.213). The manuscript is entitled 'From Context to Concept: Exploring Semantic Relationships in Music with Word2Vec', and describes how a popular NLP model called word2vec can be used to capture meaningful musical structure in complex polyphonic pieces of music. A copy of the preprint is available on my Publications page.

Keynote talk at the 3rd International Music and Performing Arts Conference

I'm thrilled to be giving one of the keynote talks at this year's International Music and Performing Arts Conference (IMPAC2018) in Malaysia, 13-15 November. I will be speaking on: Expectations, expectations, expecta...: Highlighting a fundamental concept in music cognition, and exploring its relevance to healthcare

Singapore's first annual Music Research Symposium - A success!

Thanks to everyone who attended the first Music Research Symposium to take place in Singapore. More than 70 (!) researchers, scientists, professors, students, and musicians attended the event for a fun day of talks, music, and research discussions. Here are some of the speakers' slides for reference. And below are some lovely memories from the day (click post title to see photo slideshow):

New paper out in the Psychology of Music!

How good is our memory for melodies? And why do we remember some aspects of music better than others? To discover some answers to these questions, check out my new paper entitled 'Change detection and schematic processing in music', now out in the journal Psychology of Music! The paper is available for download here.

IEEE ICOT conference presentation next month!

I'm excited to be speaking at IEEE ICOT's special session on 'Music and Music Technology for Health and Learning' next month! I will be presenting a paper describing my lab's new music and motion detection game for rehabilitation and strengthening in the elderly. More info here.

ISMIR 2017 is coming up soon!

I'm thrilled to be headed to Suzhou, China, soon for the 18th International Society for Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR) Conference.
I will be speaking on the Future of Music-IR Research Panel (Thursday, 12:40pm – 1:40pm), and my colleagues and I have two papers in the conference:
Cancino-Chacon, Grachten, and Agres (2017). From Bach to the Beatles: The simulation of human tonal expectation using ecologically-trained predictive models

Keynote at the PGVIM International Symposium in Bangkok

I'm honoured to be a keynote speaker at the PGVIM international symposium later this month in Bangkok, Thailand. I will be presenting some of my recent research in music cognition, as well as my current work to develop music technology for healthcare and well-being. More information here: www.pgvim.ac.th/sym/speaker_2017_Topic-Kat_Agres.php

One-North Festival talk: The Power of Music for Health And Well-being

Newsflash: THIS FRIDAY at 2pm I'll be speaking at the one-north festival (Biopolis, nearest MRT: Buona Vista). This event is free and open to the public!
I'll cover some of my recent music cognition research and applications for healthcare. Information & registration here: https://onenorthfestival.sg/events/the-power-of-music-for-health-and-wel...
Hope to see you there. :-)