music medicine

Upcoming talk at SG's amazing ArtScience Museum, entitled "Embracing Music for a Healthier Future"

I'm honored to have been invited to present about Music and Health at the ArtScience Museum. (This is one of my favorite museums EVER, so I'm really chuffed!) After my talk, one of my wonderful PhD students, Phoebe Chua, will help demo our new music EEG system: Participants will wear an EEG cap, and their neural activity will drive our affective automatic music generation system! Should be fun. :)

Music, Technology, and Health: Forging a New Musical Frontier in Healthcare

I am honored to be an invited speaker for the lecture series hosted by the National Intrepid Center of Excellence in Washington, DC, next month. I will be talking about 'Music, Technology, and Health', and how we can leverage this exciting intersection of disciplines to forge a new (musical) frontier in healthcare. Attendance is free and open to the public!

SEADOM talk on Music and Health - presentation recording now available!

I am honored to be one of two speakers talking at the SEADOM (Southeast Asia Directors of Music) 2021 conference, titled "Music and well-being: Perspectives from Musician Practitioners, Music Therapy, and Music Medicine." My talk will focus on two recent projects; the first focuses on a survey study of the recent experiences of music therapists around the world, and their use of technology, during COVID-19. The second project revolves around a music-based Brain Computer Interface (BCI) system being developed for emotion regulation in listeners.