New Centre for Music and Health established at YST!

I’m thrilled to share that we are officially launching a new Centre for Music and Health at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, NUS! Establishing such a centre has been a dream of mine for nearly 2 decades, and I'm feeling very grateful and excited. I'm greatly looking forward to working with amazing people here at YST, NUS, and the larger community on new music initiatives to improve lives. Can't wait to see what exciting new programs and collaborations will blossom out of the CMH!

Singapore's first annual Music Research Symposium - A success!

Thanks to everyone who attended the first Music Research Symposium to take place in Singapore. More than 70 (!) researchers, scientists, professors, students, and musicians attended the event for a fun day of talks, music, and research discussions. Here are some of the speakers' slides for reference. And below are some lovely memories from the day (click post title to see photo slideshow):