Keynote Talk at the IPS-NAC Arts & Culture Research Symposium 2022: The Role of Arts in Well-Being and Social Inclusion

It was an amazing experience, and quite an honor, to be one of the Keynote speakers at yesterday's Culture Research Symposium on 'The Role of Arts in Well-Being and Social Inclusion', hosted by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) and the National Arts Council. I was so happy to see the huge turnout (wonderful to be speaking at live events again, given all of the recent restrictions on in-person meetings!). My talk was entitled, "Music and Well-being: Leveraging music interventions and technology for health." There were also thought-provoking presentations by Deputy CEO (NAC) by Lynette Pang, by Dr Victor Zhuang, and by Dr Jesvin Yeo (NTU), with opening remarks by Mrs Rosa Daniel, the CEO of the NAC.
We had a lively panel discussion after the set of talks, and I greatly enjoyed all of the conversations that ensued!
More information about the event may be found here:
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Finally, there is a nice write-up of the event available here: