Music, Computing, and Health: A roadmap for the current and future roles of music technology for health care and well-being

It brings me so much joy to announce that our article on "Music, Computing, and Health: A Roadmap for the Current and Future Roles of Music Technology for Health Care and Well-Being" has been published, and is now available online (open-access) from Music & Science.

This article is the result of a multi-year collaborative effort from 15 researchers with diverse disciplinary backgrounds, including music psychology and neuroscience, music therapy, music information retrieval, music technology, medical technology (medtech), and robotics.
The paper provides a resource for interdisciplinary research using music-based computational methods to develop technology for health care, and aims to inspire future research directions by evaluating the state of the art with respect to the challenges facing each field.

Many thanks to all of my co-authors who were a part of this epic journey! Rebecca Schaefer (co-first author), Anja Volk (co-first author), Susan van Hooren, Andre Holzapfel, Simone Dalla Bella, Meinard Müller, Martina de Witte, Dorien Herremans, Rafael Ramirez-Melendez, Mark Neerincx, Sebastian Ruiz, David Meredith, Theo Dimitriadis, Wendy Magee