Workshop on Auditory Neuroscience, Cognition, and Modeling

TitleWorkshop on Auditory Neuroscience, Cognition, and Modeling
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsAgres KR, Sauvé SA
JournalPsychomusicology: Music, Mind, and Brain
Date Published09/2016
Keywordsauditory neuroscience, computational modeling, music cognition, speech perception, WANCM

Early 2016 saw the first international Workshop on Auditory Neuroscience, Cognition and Modeling, hosted by Queen Mary University of London. The workshop aimed to bring together cognitive scientists, neuroscientists, and computer scientists working on sound, music, and speech processing. Engendering broad interest, 96 participants from a wide range of backgrounds attended for a day of talks, poster presentations, and lively discussion. This report provides an overview of the event, summarizing the 3 keynote talks, and highlighting the major themes from the oral presentation and poster sessions. A summary is provided in closing, touching upon main outcomes and considerations for future research within this alignment of fields.